Toastabags (no really) and Fire Bamming

This is one of the biggest wastes of money I've ever seen, but I'm sure loads of people will buy it. If you own a toaster, you've gone far enough into kitchen appliance consumption to have probably brought a frying pan for your accompanying eggs in the morning. Did you forget all of those Sunday mornings when your mother used that SAME FUCKING DEVICE to make grilled cheese?

The thought of putting bread-cheese-bread or bread-cheese-miscellany-bread in a little pouch and putting it in my upright toaster is like using an auto-drip coffee maker to boil hot water for tea...it's fucking stupid!

Here's a photo of it NOT working by NOT fitting on in the goddamn toaster:

I will, however, give it to the copywriter of Firebox, the site that carries these Toastabags, for his or her wit:
This is perhaps the crappiest-looking item on our entire site. There is no other way to describe a Toastabag than labelling it a 'thick black plastic bag'. That's because it's a thick black plastic bag.

To each their own. Everything gets brought in to the 21st century and beyond with new technologies, but this will end up in the dollar stores fast. If I end up seeing this on a 3am infomercial, I will take it upon myself to turn off the television and go to bed.

Purchase: Toastabags
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