The Return Of Brody Dalle : Spinnerette

Brody Dalle is an incredible woman. She isn't going to revolutionize the music industry nor feminism, but she's come a long way. Starting out as an Australian expat, she married Tim Armstrong (of Rancid fame) while her band, The Distillers, went from a girl-only group to a male-dominated lineup. By the time The Distillers became a household name in Punk Rock America, she was the only female member and an electrifying frontwoman.

The release of their major label debut, Coral Fang, was a HUGE departure from the Hellcat Sing Sing Death House and prior albums, but it was the #1 album of 2003 according to yours truly. It seemed most folks weren't incredibly die-hard about CF, that the signing to Sire softened many of the rough edges that had made them stand out on their previous label rosters.

I won't credit the new direction shown on "Valium Knights" - the only officially leaked song from her new lineup, Spinnerette - solely to her second marriage with Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, but he deserves a little bit of credit. Her songwriting and production value on the new track is very much touched with QOTSA fury, but she's kept it her own. If more of their rock n' roll marriage is reflected in Spinnerette's forthcoming album, then all the better.

Note: Much credit to Elizabeth Elkins of The Swear for telling me about this <3

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