The Bronxxx Deliver Their Rock Liturgy

We were going to use our own photo for this, which even has a hand w/ digicam nearly blocking the view of the band, we just couldn't pass up the epic staff shot from the CMJ blog. Needing a break from techno, the Solid PR CMJ showcase was, by far, the best way to kick off our return to New York for the marathon. The Bronx didn't take the stage at Fontana's until after 1am. Every minute was worth the wait as the basement turned into an offensive pit of energy and catharsis. There's a bruise on one of our lips and the dirty-ass sneakers to prove it.

Being in this environment is being alive if you're meant for it, and for some it's similar to churchgrounds for those that seek escape through means other than drugs. The music and the rush is a drug, and The Bronx delivered - just as they had at least five years ago - to turn a room into a chaotic frenzy of punk rock. Pulling one by one from their first full-length, it proves that LP is the stuff of legends, and even after their other releases their live set trumps all other efforts when it comes to stirring a crowd up and giving them exactly what they came for.

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