909s & Good Times

A new blog of great eccentricity has emerged. A quirky guy down in Atlanta who divides his love for cured meats, Kraftwerk and hound dogs amongst a wider variety of interests has started a blog called 909s & Good Times.

"I plan to use this space to faulkner on about the old days (we made our minimal techno by using wooly mammoth bones to bang on the plates of a stegosaurus’s back), cooking (esp. charcuterie), restaurants (in the Atlanta area, especially bars, especially alcoholism), music, Judaism (I’ve been converting for a while, now on hiatus, but hope to take the mikveh plunge at some point), my dog Gertrude (she blogs as well) and the overuse of parentheses."

With added haikus and neologisms, it's guaranteed to be worth the occasional visit or steady eye via RSS.

Website: 909s & Good Times

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