Insomnia 'n Salvation, I Do Reckon

I am tired. Very, very tired. My sleep pattern is so off-track that I am unable to fall asleep and it's nearing 7am. Is this because I woke up at 1pm? Is it because my mind is racing with thoughts...the kind which won't quit even when I close my eyes? Is it because I didn't work out, and I'm simply not tired enough?

Who knows.
Who cares?

I checked out Google's first result for "insomnia" via image search and got the following...

That was me five minutes...and five hours...ago.

A major cause of this insomnia is not God, but Preacher. One of the best graphic novels ever published, this one spans 9 volumes to cover its entire history, which is now rumored to be turning into a TV series. (Or has it gone back to the movie rumor?)

I may be awake, but I am indeed tired...and wanting to re-read the 6th volume. So if you could be so kind, just trust me on this one...

Purchase: Preacher @ Amazon
Wiki: Preacher

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