Stupidity, Alcohol and More Alcohol

FlowingData is a site on my personal RSS that I don't actually look at on a daily basis. It's reserved for late nights such as this where I'm not entirely prepared to go to sleep and I want to fill my brain with interesting but extremely trivial information about the world around me. FlowingData is also good for situations like this on late nights because it often offers snazzy visuals to make you go "ooooh."

I find this particular chart to be of most interest. I don't fully endorse it, and as friend commented that it is definitely a "touchy subject," I don't know...I wish Nickelback was much lower. (Literate/college graduates like Nickelback? Really?) Titled "Music That Makes You Dumb" it crosses genre with average SAT scores. The intro paragraph reads:
Virgil Griffith, a CalTech graduate student, follows up books that make you dumb with music that makes you dumb. "Dumb" people listen to Lil' Wayne and "smart" ones listen to Beethoven, that is, if you believe that SAT is a good judge of smarts. I'm not sure if this is actually new or just became popular again because it was in the WSJ. Virgil put up the book version over a year ago. Oh well, it's Friday. I'm personally all over the board on this one. What kind of music do you like?

For my source, you can go here. Two other charts that caught my eye was the world map of legal drinking ages (if any), and a display of where you can actually find the best beer in America.

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jessebeller said...

there are some real questions to be raised here. the most obvious is the correlation/causation one (i.e. does lil wayne make you dumb, or are dumb people more likely to prefer lil wayne?), but i really wonder just how the data were gathered and plotted.