A touching goodbye from Andrew Gyger

As the well-known brick 'n mortar record store monsters close, one by one, a new era of music commerce has been budding. The Internet is going strong, and I don't think anyone can really say where all of this is going. Print publications and record stores are slowly going out of business, and while I'm thrilled to see some of the most memorable/important American independent record stores thrive, there was definitely some good deeds done by the giants. Andrew Gyger writes a fond farewell, featured below:

Hi Friends,

Today is my last day as a Virgin employee.

It all started when I was three months out of high school in March 1990 at the Pitt Street Megastore in Sydney Australia.

Since then I have worked as a classical sales assistant, buyer, assistant manager, processing manager, assistant warehouse manager and product manager.

I've worked in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and Orlando. I have worked in 4 stores and done buying for over 20. And been at head office for almost 10 years and had my dream job for almost 3.

I have seen countless bands thanks to my job and have amassed a CD collection that would have made the 18 year old me green with envy.

I got to `work' 8 Coachellas, 5 SXSW's, 3 Winter Music Conferences, 2 Lollapaloozas, 2 V-Fests, an Outside Lands and an All Points West. Awesome. Oh and also that surf thing at Huntington Beach in '95!

So a quick list of memories/factoids:

The album that came out the week I started at Virgin – March 1990 – Sinead O'Connor – I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got

The album that came out the week I started at Virgin in the US – September 1994 – R.E.M. – Monster

The album that came out my final week – May 2009 – Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Best Stuff I got to do because of my job – Go to Acapulco on a label's dime to see a DJ, go to Live 8 in London, live in New York for six months with a per diem (drinking money), traveling all over the country to do store visits and go to events.

Now on to the important stuff- the people.

(blogger's note: names have been removed from this post)

If I have forgotten someone (kind of inevitable) I am sorry.

19 years is a long time and I wouldn't have lasted this long without phenomenal people to work with…and a lot of luck. It didn't end the way any of us wanted but I am, and everyone else should be, incredibly proud of their Virgin life.

I am leaving this job the way I came into it, a complete and utter music junkie. I have been incredibly lucky to have worked in a job that I was passionate about for this long and I hope that whatever is next has music involved in it somehow!

As for what is next…who knows. A trip to show Australia to my son, and then the next chapter.

In the words of Jeff Fenech (Australia's Mike Tyson) – I love youse all.

Andrew Gyger
Senior Music Product Manager – Virgin Megastores

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