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Is it wrong that I'm far too excited to be getting a Facebook URL come the end of the week? Please don't tell anyone...

Onward Charles does, in fact, have a Facebook presence, but it really should be updated more often. It's rather bare, but this is definitely a part of Facebook that hasn't been given much love on the design/aesthetic sides. Still please feel free to become a fan here.

This summer, much of our updated will be stemming from a gorgeous area of Long Island, better known as Fire Island. Over the last few weeks, as much Internet research on Point O' Woods possible has been made, but the private community is fairly...well, private. Imagine a country club that is an entire town, rather than a gated, oversized restaurant/golf course combo. The NY Sun feature on real estate and POW was very informative, but before my eyes graced this paradise (where cars are not allowed!) that is only accessible by private ferry I read the NY Times expose from 1988 and fell in love a bit.

Lastly, you know how much I love stupid products, and whilst searching for a 4-cup coffeemaker on the Bed Bath website, I came across THIS complete waste of money. I thought the nob was for inflation, which is always good for space-saving, but...a reading light?

When have you EVER found yourself on a train, plane or automobile and thought "Man, I really wish my pillow had a BOOKLIGHT IN IT."? Truly...come on now. If someone sat next to me on a flight and had this, I would surely tell the first friend I saw and in a very snarky fashion.

Christ: Flight-Light Ergonomic Travel Pillow

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