Art Basel Miami: Pharell Williams + Kirk Jon

Each December, Miami hosts Art Basel as a sister event to the original convention held in Basel, Switzerland. Artists from around the world and various points on the creative timeline are celebrated with their classic or modern works. And, of course there are always crazy-ass parties.

There are so many things that could be said about the event, but since I've never been I won't pretend to have an all-encompassing understanding of its greatness. There are, however, two things that came from it that are exceptionally intriguing.

For one, Pharrell Williams was recently featured in the New York Times' Magazine blog regarding his furniture pieces (and his adorable socks), which premiered this December. "Inspired by military tanks, Williams created an impressive collection of chairs for Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, which invited the 35-year-old polyhyphenate to bring his ideas to life."

Also, on the audible side, Kirk Jon contributed the latest podcast for Miami Dance Party, which features his live set from Fusion: Art Basel Edition. Including a few surprises (freestyle classics, anyone?), this live mix has a party vibe that could only exist in a place where winter never exists.

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