Extra Love For the Ranking System

For no particular reason, despite having a hearty mix of RSS subscriptions, I realize I've fallen out of touch with a lot of music. This is why I just came off of a 48-hour Kraftwerk kick. And, of course, hanging out with Russ of soldoutmusic certainly reminded me of all of the music I should have heard. And it's also trying to get my freelancing outlets back in order. Regardless of the circumstances, I've been on top of my Pitchfork, Stereogum and Flavorwire/pill feeds as of late, and I can say there have been some incredibl pieces going up...what, with the year and the decade coming to a close.

Left and right, every blog and online magazine is publishing lists of top ten, fifty or one hundred albums, tracks or artists of the last decade, century or eternity. It's overwhelming and exciting, and out of many of the selections, I have to say that Flavorwire's recent rankings for The 50 Essential Women-In-Music Albums is superb. They've gone on to expand and offer more words on each record, but the entire list places Joni Mitchell at the top and The Gossip at, for lack of a better word, the bottom.

I'm just thrilled that my favorite album of all time made it to #31. I can live with that.

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