Keys To My Heart

You may or may not know that I have a soft spot for female musicians who rock the piano. Fortunately, I've branched off over the last few years from a decade of devout Tori Amos fandom, but certain artists draw me back in. Regina Spektor came close, but Sweden's Frida Hyvonen took first place.

Her new album, , has an innocent girl vibe in vocals, but a ferocious honesty in the lyrics that invoke Joni Mitchell and other classic ladies that carried a tune farther than we could ever imagine. Her single "You Never Get Me Right" is a great goodbye song to end off that mixtape for your soon-to-be-ex. They'll certainly get the message after this one.

Frida is making her rounds at select venues around the US, as she branches out from her Swedish homeland where she's already developed quite a fanbase in the last three years.

07.20 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church*
07.21 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom* (SOLD OUT)
07.22 Boston, MA - TT The Bear's Place*
07.23 Rochester, NY - Bug Jar*
07.24 Cleveland, OH - Beachland*
07.25 Cincinnati, OH - Southgate House*
07.26 Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck*
07.27 Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews*
07.28 Minneapolis, MN - The Triple Rock*
07.29 Bloomington, IN - Second Story*%

*with Jens Lekman
%with Early Day Miners

Audible: Frida Hyvonen - "You Never Get Me Right"
Website: http://www.fridahyvonen.com


If you're not obsessed with the Frida track, then perhaps you should go visit Jens Lekman. Fall in love like how you did with Belle & Sebastian before they were cool. You're a straaaaaangerrr, Barcelooohhhh naaaaahhh...

Audible: Jens Lekman - "I Don't Know If She's Worth 900 KR"
Website: http://www.jenslekman.com


Queen of Sheba said...

Ohhh good--I've got tickets to the Frida/Jens show, and didn't know anything at all about her.

Queen of Sheba said...
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Queen of Sheba said...
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warmleatherette said...

Hey Charles, big up for your blog from a spanish music addicted journalist.

Share the love for many musicians featured here, like Ellen Allien and many more. Ever heard Jenny Wilson? She is my last musical love.

Keep it up!

Ian said...

Ahhh... how can one ever recover from a decade worth of Tori Amos? I'm having a similar problem, and what with the Dresden Dolls only having two albums out, pickens are slim. This one Frida track sounds good, so I'll check her out, but Regina Spektor took a normal pill or something between the newest album and the last. Where did the songs about cancer dreams go???

Onward Charles said...

Ellen Allien lover?! Hi, new friend. You can thank Shaun at Resonator mag for introducing me to her (he wants credit where it's due, and he's watching, that jerk), but god damn do I love that woman.

And Ian...yeah? I actually never heard old Regina Spektor. I had my chance, and I passed. Am I really missing out?