David & The Citizens Of Planet Woo!

Upon first listen, the opening track - funny, it's called "The End" - of Until The Sadness Is Gone, a record from Sweden's David & The Citizens completely caught me off guard.

Not quite sure what I was expecting to begin with, but the first launch into a large, triumphant that continues on and on with every track is endearing and uplifting. David Fridlund's voice was a bit shocking at first, as vocals that range from the exasperative to the hesitant lunge into his mic and out of my speakers. The album's title track was what finally did it in. Solidifying the ability to lather this bubbling pop that's weighted by dark chords and shamelessly honest lyrics, the album moves on after the third track to present song after song of emotional heaviness.

"I put my finger on the pain," he sings. "It was just a feeling that most things are ugly around here." What separates this record is a refreshing attempt to keep our ADD generation interested enough with constant introduction of new instrumentation, tempo changes, and crystal clear guitar strums that resonate the sound of earnest, calloused fingers. Ben Folds would be proud. Until The Sadness Is Gone is undoubtedly a good record to cheer up to, particularly with tracks like "Silverjacketgirl" and "Graycoated Morning," which is a tolerable take on rock a la the Counting Crows, one of my most personally hated bands. "Long Days" is the sound of Man Man flirting with a Belle & Sebastian obsession, while possibly getting wasted with Howie Day when (a) he doesn't suck and [i.e. Madrigals EP] or (b) he's not trying to hit on girls via his unique method of locking them in bathrooms. True story, but not the point.

Website: http://www.davidandthecitizens.com
Audible: David & The Citizens - "New Direction"

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