Snakes Awn Uh PLANE!

And there you have it. Thousands of dollars worth of marketing and nifty voicemail tricks, I paid my $8 to go see Snakes On A Plane. Rather than grab a couple of people and head out to a likely theater such as, say, the Loews on the Commons, I drove out to a co-workers apartment in Quincy, to where we then drove for an exceeding amount of time to Randolph.

And we all waited for it. From the moment the opening credits bore the much anticpated "SNAKES *pause* ON A PLANE," the moment finally came about halfway in.

"That is IT! I have HAD it with these MOTHERFUCKIN' snakes on this MOTHERFUCKIN' plane!"

Very much in rhythm with..."And I will strike down upon thee with grrrrreat vengeance and fuuuuurious anger!" a la Pulp Fiction.

Atlanta culture journalist Russ Marshalek recently stated that if you weren't going to see it this weekend, you will never see it.

Honestly, if you didn't see it tonight, it may not be worth it...until the next time you're drunk with your friends and you feel the moment has come that you've seen Harold and Kumar haphazardly wander the jungle of New Jersey in search of White Castle waaay too many times.

iPods On A Plane?

Water Bottles On A Plane?

No no, it's...SNAKES On A Plane.

"Do as I say and you will live...ya hear me?"

All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us:

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Ryan of the RSL blog said...

You drove to Randolph for Snakes On A Plane?! hehe