Lonelier, Dear

An eyebrow has been raised towards one of Sub Pop's latest signings, Lonely, Dear. I'm charmed by the [dot]com website - many a personal photos, simple, quaint font, and very personable. The music itself, though, I found disappointing upon first listen. My faith in Sub Pop, as a label, is very difficult to break down as there are few indie labels that immediately have priority in my mind, above others. I found what I've heard of Lonely, Dear, thus far, is aggravating for its borrowing of so many influences, and the recycled product to be rather sub part. Recently, there were some words about Sweden's David & The Citizens, who borrow heavily from the Bell & Sebastian sound, but spin it in such a way that stands apart as something new and dated from now and hereonin. Lonely, dear seems to stagnate, with the definite marks of indie bands that are very recent (i.e. Death Cab, Belle, etc.)

But hey, I'm always down for second chances. Your thoughts?

Website: http://www.loneydear.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/loneydear

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Spelling errors are indie-rock!