Mad Man Film Temporarily Disband, Get Naked, Etc.

It started in Boston, where they all met, but now portions of the trio Mad Man Films live in New York. Joe and George are headed to Copenhagen for three months to participate in an avant garde music production, so the band has decided to call it not-quite-quits for the time being.

They're one of my favorite live bands, hands down. Take tonight for example:
1. They opened with a screaming rendition of "Twist & Shout," where George (middle) showed off his relentless vocal and guitar assault. It's quite possible that Tina Turner and Jimi Hendrix are his real parents - we'll have to get DNA testing.
2. Opening up the next song in a barbershop quartet fashion, in which the harmony of their voices always sounds so sweet, they built up to two of their own songs, where...
3. George stage dove backwards at razor speed while playing his guitar, cut his lip open, and ran back on stage without missing a beat. The blood was dripping down his chin and he only cared enough to say "Ok, I know my lip is really not doing too well right now, so, does anyone have a napkin?" It was much cooler than it sounds.
4. While Joe (left) and Zach (right) were playing in all of their last-show-for-a-while intensity, George stripped down from the waist down to, well, nothing. Apparently he hasn't done that since 2004, and I have to say it was the first time I ever saw a band's singer play relentlessy with his dick and balls as exposed as his connection with the music. He's a total animal on stage, and it adds to the performance so much more.

There is no way to go to a Mad Man Films show and not leave a fan. Even in the crappiest of venues (*cough* Lit *cough*) bands like Mad Man Films or the Coachwhips - who carry the torch of musical insanity and genius - breathe new life into whatever four walls surround them.

Mad Man Films @ Lit, NYC 05.06.06

In the meantime, Joe's also working on Death To The Weird. I'm usually paying most of my attention to the drummers of a band, and he's one of the best I've seen. All instruments in the band are in the forefront, and the drums are no exception. Interview with Joe coming soon.

Audible: http://myspace.com/madmanfilms
Website: http://www.mmfmusic.com

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