Bloodshed On Broadway

Ready for something exciting?


Combining Evil Dead 1 & 2, the musical will hit New York next month. (Road trip, anyone?) With songs like "All The Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons" and "What the Fuck Was That," I hear that front row seats are cheaper because you WILL leave covered in blood.

Ryan Ward will play Ash - film and stage credits include a whole slew of projects that I have never heard of, but as long as he can replicate a chin as mighty as Bruce Campbell's, he's good in my book.

Website: http://www.evildeadthemusical.com

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Ryan of the RSL blog said...

Whoa. I am sure it will do fine for a few weeks based on the fanatical fan ticket but will disappear quickly unless it gains popularity like Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There is no simulating the bad acting of Bruce Campbell (book "If Chins Could Kill") - remember the scene at the end of the film when he is all alone and the blood is running down the walls - into the light and the film projector starts.....?

"Stop this, stop this! (pause and thrash the head) Why are you doing this to me??!"

Wow. On stage?