Going To The Go Station, Anyone?

This weekend Boston will become an industry bonanza as the NEMO Festival saturates the city with an assload of great shows. No joke. Tonight I'll be out and about, but I'm most excited about seeing New York's The Go Station.

I saw this band perform their very first show at Continental during CMJ's 2003 Marathon, and there was so much potential. Since then, I've kept up as best as I could, following up sometime in March or April of this year. Completely blown away by their newer songs, I can't wait to see them again. There are certain facets of pop music that hook and sink - and I am but a fish!

Random fact: I once asked Doug (singer) what the name meant - it's a play on the underground Ghost Stations in London.

Middle East Upstairs
472 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02319
617.864.3278 www.mideastclub.com
$10 - 18+ Doors @ 7pm

8pm Thick As Thieves (Cambridge, MA)
9pm The Go Station (New York, NY)
10pm Hector On Stilts (Pittsfield, MA)
11pm The Motion Sick (Boston, MA)
12am Diamond Nights (Boston, MA)

Audible: The Go Station - "Wandering Away"
Website: http://www.thegostation.com

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Anonymous said...

cool man. I caught this too and Go Station were awesome. I also really dug the other bands, especially The Motion Sick!