Diamond Nights @ Middle East Up, 09.28.06

I'd planned to go home and get some laundry done instead of seeing Diamond Nights. The thought of staying out beyond the bars closing was not even a consideration, but this band completely changed the course of my night. Having really only heard "The Girl's Attractive" before, I was impressed moreso by the hilarious stage banter from lead singer/guitarist Morgan Phalen. Having met Tim Traynor in Rockport, MA - Diamond Nights was born of cold New England weather and boredom.

There's something about their music I can't peg, but I like it. There are moment of classic rock homage, with curtseys to Sabbath vocals (though not in the overbearing Wolfmother way) and riffage that resurrects the pre-Puffy collab days of Led Zeppelin. There is something incredibly raw about them, albeit goofy in their stage presence which is completely absorbed by Morgan's obscenely tall stature and noticeably tight girl pants. Too bad I forgot my camera!

After being indifferent for quite some time, I'm ready to push Diamond Nights over to a band that I should be listening to - one that I would probably love a whole lot if I gave the them the proper chance.

If you missed them last night, they'll be playing Northeastern University tonight, September 29th.
Unfortunately and regardless of the fact that I live in that neighborhood, I don't have any details for this show. Help!

Website: http://www.diamond-nights.com

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