Wake Up, Boston: Inblackandwhite @ PA's This Thursday

Sometimes we hold off on doing things because we feel there's a right moment that hasn't yet arrived. Story of my life. These delays, however, are often inexcusable periods of procrastination, and we'll need a push to move in the productive direction. Filtering into a music sense, it's time to drop the bomb on a band you should be listening to, Boston.

In Black And White (moreoften "inblackandwhite") are a local four piece who are three parts Cincinnati plus one California expatriation. Relocating for school or work, the band formed after settling in with the onslaught of last year's winter. You've already been given an advanced warning, but since July there's been a record, a tour, and an ungodly amount of beer consumption. Currently slating the official release of The Thermocline for November 12th, IBAW will be playing a show as part of this week's North East Sticks Together/NEST Festival.

October 19th
PA's Lounge
345 Somerville Ave
18+ / 9pm
Also playing:
Cheer Accident, Stephen Brodsky (Cave In), Make A Rising, Why Twist The Hair

I think the indescribable goodness of the band's music is due to their preceeding outfits. All four members started this project with a heavy bag of band experience, and none which really match the sound of the five songs on The Thermocline. Acoustic folk-punk, metal, hardcore punk...you might consider The Opposed as a direct influence - which included three current members of IBAW - but the new songs with the new band are calmer in rhythm, giving more room to a more kinetic approach to the lyrics. It may have had a lot to do with IBAW's drummer, David Rich, who with assurance I can declare writes the best drum parts this side of the Charles. Or Atlantic. Or asteroid belt. His former band in CA, Origami, is thick with a nostalgic alternative sound that bends heavily for experimentation and tangents, and definitely worth checking out.

The acoustic folk-punk mention comes from Dan's side project, Seemless Copper, which with Against Me! and other xeroxed versions of that particular band signing to majors, SC does a good job of growing on you in a nauseating manner. First listen: you hate it, but you want to like it. Second listen: it's appealing, but it doesn't make sense. Somewhere along the line you will find yourself on a twentieth listen, and like a pair of shoes that you've just broken into, it just feels right.

And on a more disorganized note, Inside Recess has been in heaviest rotation, as my infrequent posting has been due (honesty time) to the fact that music has been boring me. There's still so much coming out, and there's been little excitement on my end. Old Minor Threat and even obscure tresures like the Hope Sandoval solo record are wiggling their way into my stereo. I can listen to little else but metal, punk, or extremely moody, indie music like Hayden's Skyscraper National Park or ihatemyself records. Somewhere in the middle of this is Inside Recess, whose music I've passed around to a few old friends who love the metal genre. The response has been unanimous - it's goddamn wonderful. (And if you want to download a whole slew of it, click away.)

So please, unless you're going to prove that you know how to dance, stop listening to The Killers. Stop spilling your heart in ABAB iambic pentameter. And STOP LISTENING TO MUSIC THAT RELIES ON THE "POST-" PREFIX.

Listen to In Black And White instead. You'll thank me.

Audible: inblackandwhite - "billfold"
Website: http://www.myspace.com/inblackandwhite666

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