All We Need Is A Ruler And A Razor!

Proud to bear the Arlington stamp, Massachusetts' The Taste Of Silver are a noise band that border on nothing. They simply dive right in to the likes of acoustics, grind, metal, and progressive chords and rhythms that will continually make first-time listeners turn their heads. The first I'd ever heard was an mp3 of "Atlas' Collapse" in which lead singer, Rowan, was sick. Second was a split the band had done with the now-defunct Aganihm in which their budget didn't really allow them to record at best qualities.

THEN I saw them live. And again. And again. Drummer-friends were blown away by both Alex's kit and his ability to use it in the way he does. Lastly, there's the elusive Faust who plays with pseudonyms as much as he does his genres. Having no bass, his guitar converges the directions in which the drums and vocals flail.

The songs posted below are for the reflection of variety. While on tour, the band was shopping for a paper cutter for fliering, and upon realizing how ridiculously expensive those devices actually are, one of them stated, "All we need is a ruler and a razor!"

And thus, "DIY Office Supply" - written and recorded on a day that Rowan wasn't even at practice - was born.

The second track is a demo off of their forthcoming LP, Narcimalion, which will be released in 2007 on the Bolton, MA label, Hold True. It will, in short, blow your very mind. The song, yeah fine...but particularly the album as a finished product.

The band is currently booking for their winter tour. If you're able to help, throw them a bone:
01.25 - CT
01.26 - NJ
01.27 - MD @ TBA w/ Magrudergrind
01.28 - VA
01.29 - GA
01.30 - FL
01.31 - AL
02.01 - MS
02.02 - TN
02.03 - KY
02.04 - Fort Wayne, IN @ 1624 N Harrison St
02.05 - MI
02.06 - Columbus, OH @ The Legion of Doom
02.07 - PA @ TBA
02.08 - NY

Audible: The Taste Of Silver - "DIY Office Supply"
Audible: The Taste Of SIlver - "The Carving Of Galatea (demo)"
Website: http://www.thetasteofsilver.com

P.S. I totally missed this tonight...dammit!

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