Yes, Yes I Do Love Yelle!

French electronic princess Yelle (rumored to be a nemesis of Cuizinier of TTC?) has a website that is entirely in French, and I know nothing of the language other than my short stint of memorizing the days of the week so I could park in Montreal without having to ask my friends, over and over, about sign restrictions.

What we have here is a double threat - a gorgeous goddess of a woman who, with the help of her talented producer Grand Marnier (check out the dirty extract of "Fager"), mixes music that makes your heart beat out of your chest. I took her biography, copied and pasted into a crappy, free translator, and got this mish-mash:

Which young hexagonal artist can pride herself to have had more than 200 000 clicks on his site myspace without any other means that a mouth with ear ravageur? After having conquered the underground, YELLE leaves its individual "I want to see you" on the label Source etc One knew the subversive, provocative singers... One knew the girls-bands which claimed girl power, in the Nineties... Today, it is necessary to take into account délurée YELLE and its booty-pop: armed with a voice which plays of its softness for better emphasizing its believed rhymes, Yelle gives a new breath to the dancefloors. To throw a glance on www.myspace.com/iloveyelle is eloquent: with the 4 corners of the world "I want to see you" achieved the unanimity and is on the way to become an anthem phenomenal club!

So, uhh, yeah. Whatever. Go listen to some of her tracks, and send me an e-mail when you book your flight to Paris.

MySpace: http://myspace.com/iloveyelle
Website: http://www.yelle.fr

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