Welcome To Another [Edition] Of Thunderdome!

"Thunderdome's simple. Get to the weapons, use them any way you can. I know you won't break the rules . . . there aren't any." - Dr. Dealgood

That's right, Bostonians. The return of Thunderdome is here, and this post will be saturated with miscellaneous quotes in honor of Mad Max despite Mel Gibson being a drunkaholic. So, onward...

Properazzi & Mistaker say:

"If you didn't make it out to Thunderdome last month we really don't know what to tell you. We told you it was going to be the most epic party Boston has seen in a loooong time. Imagine 300 people going crazy in a room full of fogged up mirrors and a giant dancing elk [see above]. For those of you who were there, we've added a few tweaks. If you haven't been yet, start by viewing some pictures of the whole thing here: (Leah Cooper's pics) (Tea Caroli's pics) (Mikeh's pics). So rather than catching that last episode of Matlock with grandma come out early, you'll be glad you did."

Two bars running all night long
You guys basically overan the poor Elks last time, well now they know what there in for so expect a much shorter wait at the bar.

Better line management
No more skinny hallway entrance/exit (oops)

DJ's in both rooms downstairs
Rather than split you up on two floors we will have sound in both rooms with your resident Thunderdudes blasting out.


Post-Apocalyptic Ballroom
Redfoxx (Properazzi, Hearthrob)
Morgan Louis (POP!, Hearthrob)
Baltimoroder (Hearthrob, MiN, PanAm)

The Rave
David Day (sQuare Productions, MiN)
Mistaker (Properazzi, Brilliant Mistake)
MicL PotVin (Compound 440R, C4RT)

The Elks Lodge is located at 55 Bishop Allen Rd in Cambridge; one block away from Central Sq. The night begins at 10pm and it is $7 to get in. But don't worry about your debit card getting overdrawn, the Elks has real cheap beer and much cheaper drinks.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Mad Max: You!
You: Me?
Mad Max: You. It's your lucky day.
You: It is?
Mad Max: Thunderdome has returned.
You: It has?
Mad Max: It might just save your life.
You: It will?

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Dany said...

based on the picture and the review, looks like i didn't miss much