Airbourne : Have You Heard?

First, I saw the classic airborne shot; and then another. I snickered, judging the tight pants, crazy hair, and skinny frame of a loud-mouthed rock singer posting shots of him either throwing up metal or flying through the air with a flying-v gitar.

But then I realized...

...this is really fucking cool! (Ok, well, but...not the fans pictured above.) Of all of the rip-offs that have come and gone in the last five or so years, this may be the first one to make me go, "Well hey..." - by far the most reminiscent of AC/DC and other hard rock gods of the last few decades.

Give it a go. They just may be on to something.

Who: Airbourne
What: Rock. And. Roll.
Where: Australia
Why: Because we forgot what it really sounds like
How: http://www.myspace.com/airbournerock

Oh, and this picture is just hilarious. Seriously, just go give it a listen. "Stand Up For Rock 'N Roll" is the kind of song that I couldn't play even if you gave me the talent and pumped me full of crystal meth.


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