Lost in LOST

LOST is back in full effect, and with more questions than answers the season premiere was a tie-up as to whether or not it satisfied its variety of expectations. Personally, it's worth going for, and as the show reaches a point of explanation (finally), I find myself turning more and more to Lostpedia and the LOSTcast podcasts.

Not boring in the least, it's Spoiler City for anyone that isn't caught up, but for all it would be worth to check out the hilarious pilot re-written by Andrew Bridgman and published on McSweeney's Internet Tendency. Hieroglyphs, four-toed statues, and time-traveling bunnies bring us into a whole new realm of awesome television, with the small fact that Kate still sucks and we're just going to have to swallow it.

As for YouTube's hilarious take on things, this is worth sharing with your fellow LOSTies.

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