New Gui Boratto Album ( l i s t e n )

March 23rd marks the release of Take My Breath Away. In 2007, Gui Boratto did just that with his Kompakt Records full-length, Chromophobia. He became well-known through more popular indie circuits for his single "Beautiful Life," but there were several tracks spread across the album that one could debate trumped the epic track.

Now, with the opportunity to stream the entire album, it looks to me that "No Turning Back" may be the "Beautiful Life" of Take My Breath Away. Regardless, this album has a different atmosphere altogether, and it'll take a few listens to really let the impressions sink in. There is a bit more bubblegum and a bit more electro-pop. The dark corners of Chromophobia are not as prevalent, but there's much to be explored on this new record.

Stream It: Gui Boratto - Take My Breath Away

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